Christine Holding, LMFT, CEFT 

Christine is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Certified Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist and supervisor. She specializes in helping distressed couples rebuild loving and secure relationships and heal from emotional trauma. As a Family Business Therapist, Christine works with family enterprises to resolve conflicts, heal relationship wounds, and meet family and business goals. She understands the nuances of family business first hand. She began her career as a human resource manager and corporate trainer and now combines her family business experience with her clinical expertise. She is the co-owner of The EFT Clinic and owner of Sunlight Family Therapy, LLC.

Winner of the 2018 Best of Salt Lake City Award for Family Counseling

Dr. Debi Gilmore, LMFT, CEFT 

Debi is the co-owner of The EFT Clinic and owner of Lasting Connections Counseling. She works with couples, families, and individuals to help them find the tools and skills they need to navigate through the challenges of life. Debi is certified as an Emotionally Focused Therapist, which is a research-based treatment for clients seeking emotional connection and fulfillment in relationships. She assists clients to understand and navigate through emotional pain as they seek emotional safety. Debi works to help couples and individuals understand family of origin issues and to identify relationship expectations and logistics. Debi has a unique ability to help couples and family members develop joint goals and visions within their family system. Most importantly, she recognizes that the challenges of life are not uncommon and overcoming them requires courage and strength.

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Ed Peterson, LCSW, MBA

Ed is a psychotherapist with a private practice at The EFT Clinic in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is also the owner of Peterson Family Therapy.  Ed has advanced training in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), the world’s most effective and research-based treatment for couples and individuals who are seeking emotional healing. In his work Ed uses his warmth and empathy and solid training to assists clients to develop healthy emotional skills and achieve securely attached and bonded relationships. He helps his clients move from distress and emotional pain toward emotional health. Ed uses EFT to help individuals and couples understand the childhood roots of their emotional pain, and just as importantly, he helps them learn to act and react in the present to achieve their goals and dreams. Ed is highly empathetic and caring and he also speaks the truth that clients need to hear. Ed also uses his business degree (MBA) and past business experience in his work as a business consultant. Ed loves his work and feels highly honored to support his clients to achieve their individual and relational goals and dreams.  

Sara Collins, LMFT

Sara specializes in working with couples and individuals who are dealing with relationship issues and grief and loss. She understands the value of a strong, fulfilling relationship. If you are struggling with frustrating communication patterns, infidelity, intimacy differences, parenting conflicts, or even a broken heart, Sara would love to work with you and your loved ones. From the challenges of an early stage relationship to the complexities of a long-term marriage, Sara offers proven techniques to support you as you work through your personal situation. You may be hesitant or in distress when you decide to seek counseling - Sara makes the process as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.


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Danielle Thurman, LAMFT

Dani is a Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist. Dani loves adventure and traveling. She is the mother of three kids. In her previous career, she was a middle school Spanish teacher. Dani specializes with family and marital distress. Her goal as a therapy is to re-build hope, trust, security, and connection using Emotionally Focused Therapy. She has received extensive training in this model and is working towards certification. Dani is currently building a new practice. She can provide services immediately and has evening and weekend openings. She also speaks Spanish.

Ben Kroff, MFTI

Ben specializes in working with struggling teens, young adults, and families. With a background of serving youth in custody, Ben has successfully helped clients deal with addiction, aggression, decision making, relationship management, and self-esteem. In addition to Emotionally Focused Therapy, Ben is experienced in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Aggression Replacement Training.

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Michelle Pomeroy, MFTI

Michelle believes all people need to be cared for and understood. She strives to create a safe, non-judgmental place for individuals, couples, and families to learn about themselves and work through challenges. Michelle uses Emotionally Focused Therapy to help couples and families break negative patterns and develop lasting closeness. Michelle also utilizes EMDR, an effective intervention for mild to severe trauma. She has received advanced training in betrayal trauma and enjoys teaching courses on addiction, marriage, and parenting.

Liza Telford, MFTI

Liza is a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern here at the EFT Clinic.  She is passionate about helping couples and families understand and connect with their own story.  She is currently working toward her EMDR certification and also becoming a Certified Emotionally Focused Therapist.  Liza believes that we all have an inherent human need to feel accepted, understood and loved.  She works with couples and families who want to learn to recognize and communicate these inherent needs more effectively with one another.  She believes that when these needs are met that our greatest relational satisfaction can be found.  


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Dr. Catherine Lundell, LAMFT

Dr. Catherine Lundell is a licensed associate marriage and family therapist and previous professor at Brigham Young University. She treats individuals and couples as they navigate new chapters of life. Dr. Lundell specializes in treating anxiety and depression and she understands the struggle of coping with these issues. She believes that in the midst of the hard times we need someone to help us see clearly and learn how to get back to the joy of life. Dr. Lundell is dedicated to helping people recover from trauma, heal wounds, and establish new healthy life patterns with themselves and in their relationships. Her focus is to help others, through empathy and insight, to navigate their life story, to become their best selves despite life’s struggles and to live their lives with those they love.   

Kymberly Olds, LAMFT

Kym understand that life sometimes throws us curve balls in the form of life transitions. She also understand that sometimes those transitions can be difficult to navigate, whether they are negative or positive in nature.  Kym specializes in working with individuals, couples and families who may be struggling in their personal relationships with a number of issues such as: ineffective communication styles, affairs, parenting differences and/or challenges, intimacy concerns and attachment injuries, all of which can create conflict with the person we love the most in this world. 

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Dr. Karen Redd, LCMHC

Dr. Karen Redd has six imperfect children and 12 perfect grandchildren. She is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor and has a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership.   Dr. Redd recently served a mission in Argentina for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as an Area Mental Health Advisor to missionaries in 19 missions in Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay. She believes that healing the marriage relationship blesses generations and loves witnessing the almost magical growth that comes in families and extended families through her work as an Emotionally Focused Therapist.  Dr. Redd is passionate about helping individuals, couples, and families repair past wounds and build and re-build loving, satisfying, and connected relationships.

Dr. Mark Chamberlain

Dr. Chamberlain's passion is helping individuals and couples heal the negative cycles that interfere with their happiness and success. The brain holds onto approaches that have helped us cope with life, but these habits of thinking and behaving tend to outlive their usefulness. Dr. Chamberlain has discovered that a combination of psychotherapy and neurofeedback can loosen the hold of old autopilot programs and free us up to function at our best. Dr. Chamberlain calls on 25 years experience using research-validated relapse-prevention skills to help individuals recover from addiction and advanced training in Emotionally Focused Therapy to help couples restore tenderness and intimacy. He is the author or co-author of several books including Love You, Hate the PornWillpower Is Not Enough, and Wanting More: The Challenge of Enjoyment in the Age of Addiction. He has also created a free 30-day online program at He is excited to be a part of the EFT Clinic's outstanding team of healing professionals.

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