Pre-Marital Counseling

Powerful research has uncovered the universal need for human-to-human connection, and most importantly in adult romantic relationships. Couples in the midst of newly developing relationships can often face obstacles and bumps in the road as they seek to bond and navigate normal challenges in the early stages of dating and marriage. 

Premarital counseling focuses on the heart and soul of emotional connection. During the counseling process, couples are guided through exercises and interactional activities to help them learn how to find emotional safety and clarity in the communication process and learn how to navigate through conflict in a collaborative manner. Couples learn how to incorporate a healthy view of physical intimacy and sexual relations and explore the many barriers that can interfere with a healthy sexual relationship within the marital partnership. Finally, couples learn about the importance of uncovering and integrating shared goals and visions of their future together through new couple and family rituals and traditions.

Premarital counseling at the EFT Clinic is based on the research-based process of Emotionally Focused Therapy. One important purpose of emotion is to communicate essential needs, motives, and priorities to others. Adults who are considered securely attached will have a more organized and positive sense of self. Such adults are able to see others as trustworthy and they are able to view themselves as lovable and capable. Safe emotional connections with others empower the individual to develop a positive sense of self. The result is maximal flexibility and adaptability in relationships and promotes resilience in the midst of stress and trauma.

If you are newly engaged, or in the early stages of marriage, you may benefit from the tremendous process of premarital counseling with our highly skilled couples therapists.

Therapists who offer Pre-Marital Counseling services at The EFT Clinic