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Dynamical Neurofeedback at The EFT Clinic

What Is Dynamical Neurofeedback?

When you walk past a mirror and see yourself slouching, what do you do? You correct your posture. The neurofeedback system is like a mirror for the brain; it reads brainwave patterns and offers corrections when irregularities are detected. When the brain deviates from “optimal” rhythms, the neurofeedback system alerts the brain through interruptions in music. Just as rumble strips along the highway keep drivers in their lane, neurofeedback trains the brain to maintain regular rhythms for maximum function.


Dynamical Neurofeedback at a Glance

Read a basic introduction to Dynamical Neurofeedback and the NeurOptimal stystem, and learn what to expect during a standard 33-minute Neurofeedback session.


Benefits of Dynamical Neurofeedback

Discover who is the ideal client for Neurofeedback services and what results have been reported from thousands of hours of research and testing.

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Dynamical Neurofeedback vs. Linear Neurofeedback or “Brain Mapping”

Dynamical Neurofeedback is a breakthrough brain training system that, while more simplified than Linear Neurofeedback, delivers greater comprehensive results.


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