Men-Specific Counseling

It’s hard to be a man. Most men were taught at a young age to ignore their feelings and hide what they really feel. We learned that men are supposed to be tough and independent, but the truth is that many men are suffering deep, emotional pain. Rather than asking for help, men are more likely to suffer in silence while escaping into darkness by overworking, falling into addiction, having affairs, or participating in risk-taking activities, thereby increasing their stress and depression.

In our society today, the definition of masculinity is constantly changing, creating a place where men are losing sight of their needs, dreams, and desires and are unable to share their frustrations with others. At The EFT Clinic, we understand that for many men, therapy might seem like something that is just meant for women or those who are weak, but that belief couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Are you one of those men who fix things themselves and is used to carrying everyone else’s burdens, and if it doesn't work out, you feel as if you have failed? If so, maybe it is time to face that inner struggle in a safe, supportive place with a therapist who has walked down that same road.

Using Emotionally Focused Therapy, we uncover underlying unmet needs and seek to help men understand their feelings and the purpose they serve. Today’s world needs men who are well balanced, live their lives with integrity, have healed from their wounds, and maintain meaningful relationships with their friends, family, and themselves. It’s time to be the man you have always wanted to see looking back in the mirror.

Therapists who offer Men-Specific Counseling services at The EFT Clinic