Guided Imagery Trauma Clearing - Lifespan Integration


Guided Imagery Trauma Clearing (GITC) is a gentle, body-based method of therapy that utilizes memory recall and imagery to help people in treatment access their inner child in order to resolve repressed trauma and promote healing. Highly skilled and trained therapists at The EFT Clinic may offer GITC therapy to help individuals overcome past trauma and to address other mental and emotional health concerns. One very important aspect of GITC is that it facilitates and promotes success in helping clients achieve improved well-being. 

GITC is also often referred to as Lifespan Integration (LI) and addresses emotional and psychological issues from the neural level. Therefore, it can elicit effective results even when dealing with deep-rooted maladaptive thoughts and behaviors. The process is gentle and safe, so therapeutic goals can be reached without re-traumatizing the person in therapy. The approach is based on the mind-body connection and relies on the innate ability of the mind and/or body to heal itself. 

A technique often used in GITC or LI therapy is the affect bridge. The therapist guides the person in therapy from the present back into the past in order to allow them to uncover the memories associated with the symptoms or negative emotions they are currently experiencing. Once the memory of the underlying issue is identified, the therapist will help the individual imagine visiting the past in order to resolve the past issue. The therapist then helps the person in therapy return to the present using a timeline of visual scenes from the person’s life. The person in therapy is encouraged to draw on memories from each year of life to construct a timeline in which each “scene” relates to the issue addressed in therapy. This timeline of memories is used to provide proof of the passage of time since the traumatic incident, showing the person in therapy the ways in which aspects of life have changed. This “time traveling” may take place 2-8 times in a typical session.

Individuals who participate in traditional talk therapies may have found it difficult to cope with trauma or mental health concerns for a long time, sometimes years. Traumatic experiences which impact children during early development can have profound and lasting effects. Because the mind develops interactively with the environment, trauma in childhood can affect how the individual views the world for the rest of his/her life. Critical to how a child responds to trauma neurologically is the ability of the parent or adult caregiver to mediate the experience of trauma for the child.

However, some of those who try LI therapy report significant improvements after only one or two sessions. Practitioners of GITC or LI believe the therapy can help people rewire their neural systems in such a way as to encourage positive and constructive handling of events that may have previously resulted in a negative reaction. Doing so may help individuals avoid rehashing painful experiences repeatedly.

Therapists who offer Guided Imagery Trauma Clearing services at The EFT Clinic