Welcome JR Patterson


We have another new face at The EFT Clinic— Welcome, JR Patterson, LAMFT!

JR believes in an “inside-out” approach when it comes to working with people. He recognizes the negative behaviors people get caught up in are a symptom of the problem rather than the source. JR's focus is not to make you LOOK like you’ve got your life put together, but, rather, to help you to be the happiest and healthiest version of yourself, inside and out. 

JR is real and authentic. Having struggled with addiction himself, JR strives to be an example that 100% recovery is possible. “You can be whole again!” His goal in sharing and being vulnerable is to help others to remove the shame of their own struggles and allow them to feel more comfortable with the parts of themselves that are difficult to share with others. JR feels that vulnerability enables the healing process.

JR believes that emotions are rooted in either fear or love. He desires to help people cultivate more love in their relationships, and more love and compassion for themselves. He believes that by better understanding the relationship between fear and love, one can change the lens through which they see their life. 

JR feels that each person knows what's truly best for them. It is his aim to share perspectives and tools to help them understand how they can get what they want. JR will do his best to honor the client's choice and respect their beliefs and personal values. 

JR loves waterskiing, biking, yoga, reading, and listening to audiobooks. JR is also a musician and uses music to spread messages of love and hope.

We enjoy spending time with JR and we know you will, too. If you would like to meet with JR, call our office to schedule an appointment or email him directly: jr@theeftclinic.com.