Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples


What is Emotionally Focused Therapy?

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) seeks to create a feeling of safety between relationship partners. When trust has been built, couples work together to uncover emotions that have been left unexpressed, oftentimes inducing negative patterns and promoting conflict between partners and stress in other facets of life. When those emotions are acknowledged and expressed, couples can work together to meet each other’s affective desires and effectively communicate feelings.

Our therapists are uniquely prepared to help couples strengthen their relationships. In addition to the rigorous academic practice accomplished and clinical training completed, each of our therapists has been trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy, an approach to couples therapy that explores bonding and attachment between two partners in a relationship. On top of state licensure requirements, therapists at The EFT Clinic have either completed or are in the process of completing advanced trainings and scrupulous supervision hours in order to achieve international recognition as Certified Emotionally Focused Therapists.

How Emotionally Focused Therapy Helps Couples

The goal of Emotionally Focused Therapy is to create feelings of safety, lasting connection and trust between partners. Couples who attend therapy together learn the skills necessary to form a secure attachment base in their relationship. Oftentimes couples seeking therapy are suffering from deep wounds and negative patterns in their marriage; one or both partners frequently feel unable to open up to their companion, or believe that their partner is unwilling to listen or simply doesn’t care. When feelings of loneliness and insecurity are present in a relationship, the critical need of safety and trust necessary to human well-being is lost.

Emotionally Focused Therapists create an environment of safety and attention where each partner can be heard, understood, and validated. As individual concerns are brought up the therapist suggests methods that will allow couples to better understand each other and recognize the underlying emotions that feed negative patterns. Over time couples learn to communicate more openly and ask for their needs to be met in a healthy way.

As couples progress through Emotionally Focused Therapy, communication will continue to improve and healthy interactions between the partners will become routine. These positive interactions create a stronger, more secure and satisfying bond between the couple and the deep wounds that have been festering in the relationship can finally begin to heal. The therapist will continue to assist the couple in being open and honest about their emotions and their needs until together the couple determines that they are comfortable and confident with their new skills and decide to discontinue sessions with their therapist.

Is Emotionally Focused Therapy Right for Your Relationship?

Are you having a hard time communicating effectively with your partner? Does your spouse seem closed off and withdrawn from your relationship? Do you feel like your partner doesn’t appreciate you, or does but struggles to vocalize it? Is your relationship solid but your communication skills could use a tune-up? Whether these questions describe your current situation or you are simply looking for a way to create a deeper and more fulfilling connection, our Emotionally Focused Therapists are here to help you reach your relationship goals. Call or email The EFT Clinic to schedule an appointment and get your relationship on track.

Building a Lasting Connection Couples’ Workshops

The EFT Clinic offers a couples’ workshop unlike any other. The Building a Lasting Connection program is structured around a relationship pyramid featuring five sections: attachment, communication, managing conflict, physical intimacy, and shared dreams. Each section builds upon the last so the couple is able to conceptualize their relationship as a process of building, growing, evolving, developing, and rising up in a collaborative manner. In the program couples will first be given an overview of the nature of love and the core concepts of attachment. As the workshop proceeds, attachment remains interlaced with each concept to reinforce the foundational principle of attachment throughout the life of the marital relationship. Visit our groups page for more information about our Building a Lasting Connection workshops.