No Diagnosis Needed

The NeurOptimal Dynamical Neurofeedback system used at NeuroLife and The EFT Clinic is considered “brain training” rather than a neurological “treatment”, such as Linear Neurofeedback or Brain Mapping. Because of this differentiation, we are able to administer our neurofeedback systems electively, without the need of a potentially costly evaluation and referral from a doctor. Additionally, our Dynamical Neurofeedback system can be administered by trained technicians rather than doctors or therapists, eliminating costs and compensation for medical and mental health professionals.

Increased Accuracy

NeurOptimal Neurofeedback is a sophisticated system that is able to recognize and ignore external signal interference without the need of constant human monitoring and adjustment. The precision of the NeurOptimal system eliminates the need for machine signal monitoring and requires fewer sensors placed on the head with no need to adjust throughout a session. Less human interference during a training means more time for you to sit back, relax, and let your brain do the work subconsciously.

Improve Multiple Symptoms at Once

The NeurOptimal System offers feedback on 20 different frequency “targets” at a time, hence the word “dynamical”. Linear Neurofeedback and Brain Mapping are limited to specific frequencies at a time, meaning each treatment is focusing on one specific function in the brain. NeurOptimal can tune in and track multiple frequencies and provide feedback on all of those frequencies in one session, meaning that our clients may see positive changes in multiple areas of struggle at once. More comprehensive training means that those who use dynamical neurofeedback traditionally will need fewer sessions in the long run, saving time and money.

Relaxed Environment

You’re welcome to sit back and relax during your NeurOptimal neurofeedback training session. Our system is so advanced that our neurofeedback technicians don’t need to monitor your training session for accuracy and efficiency. We’ll place the sensors on your head, start up your training session and leave you to relax as you wish. Initially you may notice the small pauses in the music but you don’t need to focus on this; your brain will receive the feedback subconsciously and adjust accordingly, all while you’re enjoying a break from the daily grind. Rest, relax, read a book, study, or better yet, close your eyes and let the NeurOptimal system and your brain do all the work.

Cost Effective

As mentioned above, the NeurOptimal brain training system requires no diagnosis so you don’t have to make a costly trip to a psychiatrist or psychologist in order to receive a diagnosis and referral for our neurofeedback program. This system requires no professional facilitation or monitoring so you don’t have to compensate a therapist or doctor for administering a treatment—our skilled neurofeedback technicians are there to set you up and will let you relax during your treatment with no further interruption. Additionally, dynamical neurofeedback is able to trigger multiple brain frequencies at a time meaning that you will see results in multiple areas of struggle rather than focusing on one symptom at a time, potentially leading to fewer training sessions overall.

The NeurOptimal system does not tell your brain what to do during trainings. Linear neurofeedback and Brain Mapping often conflict with regular brain processes and override normal function in order to achieve desired results which can cause undue stress and exhaustion on the brain. Dynamical neurofeedback is all auditory and does not force the brain in any specific direction. Instead, the pauses in sound encourage the brain to function differently than it has been, but it’s up to your own brain to decide how it will correct itself. NeurOptimal does not come with any treatment protocols so the system is custom fit to your brain’s needs with each training.

Customized To Fit Your Needs

You Are In Control

The NeurOptimal neurofeedback system is not a treatment, so there are no treatment plans. You are not required to stick to a regular training schedule or meet a minimum amount of training sessions in order to see results, though consistent training and multiple sessions have shown to provide optimal long-lasting results. We track the success of neurofeedback trainings solely on your experience and perception. If you feel like your symptoms are improving after multiple training sessions, we’ll note that progress and celebrate with you. If you don’t notice any changes after multiple training sessions we won’t ever pressure to come back; this is your journey and you direct your brain training plan.