Connection Is Still Possible

Betrayal trauma refers to damage that is caused when betrayal is caused in the relationship. This betrayal is deep and lasting and can change the relationship forever. Many people experience trauma when one finds their partners:

  • Cheating

  • Hiding an addiction

  • Keeping secrets

These are only a few reasons. Whatever the event of reason for the betrayal, trust is now lost in the relationship. One partner feels they can no longer rely on the other. Even if the event was a one time occurrence the effects of it can last through the rest of the relationship if not addressed and if healing cannot take place.

Although it may feel that the relationship cannot be mended, there is still hope. If you feel you have been betrayed by your partner, or if you have lost the trust of your partner, call the EFT Clinic today. We can work with you to heal the wounds that have been caused in the relationship. Our therapists have extensive training and experience in working with couples in betrayal trauma as well as other marital and relationship issues. Schedule an appointment today!

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