Affair and Attachment Injury Healing

Has your relationship been tragically impacted by infidelity or sex addiction?  Have you recently discovered your spouse has been lying or keeping secrets? Or have you been the one who has been lying or keeping secrets from your partner? If so, you have already suffered enough.  

It’s no exaggeration that an affair or betrayal can hit you like an earthquake. It can shake the very foundation of your life. And the pain does not stop there, as there can be multiple aftershocks; the pain connected with betrayal due to infidelity can hit you over and over again. Although some of the aftershocks may not be as ground-shaking as the initial one, they are nonetheless emotionally unsafe.

The EFT Clinic is a place of healing for individuals, couples, and families. We know that infidelity, addictions, and patterns of dishonesty are hard to overcome and that they can create a sense of stuck-ness and hopelessness. With the exception of the death of a child, there likely is no marital or relationship event more painful than the discovery of a partner’s infidelity.

Infidelity of any kind, whether emotional or physical, attacks the most intensely held trust in a relationship. It is a destruction of the agreement that two people have made to hold certain parts of their relationships and lives as sacred; the parts that they both set apart for just the two of them. When this trust is dishonored it creates deep insecurity, fear and uncertainty of the future of the very relationship that is most important them. Therefore, this experience can be terrifying.

For many couples the discovery of infidelity is often the wakeup call they need to finally motivate them to address the unresolved relationship issues and emotional needs they have been ignoring for years. Couples report that only after working through the painful aftereffects of infidelity they are able, often for the first time in their relationship, to enjoy the kind of intimate connection they had feared they would never attain. We get stuck in believing that we have no power to change our lives, yet we do.

At The EFT Clinic, our team members are trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT) developed by Dr. Sue Johnson. EFT teaches couples how to recognize the deeper emotional dynamics that are happening between them (often below the observable surface) and how also to emotionally reach for one another in ways that create safety, connection, and joy.

We look forward to working with you or someone you know who is challenged by infidelity or violation of trust. Let us help you walk down the path towards establishing a safe and secure relationship with your partner.

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